Intelligent Mobile Patrol

Privacy Policy for Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) App

Effective Date: January 1, 2024

At Digital Mobility Inc. (DMI), we prioritize the privacy and security of our users, particularly law enforcement officers and agencies utilizing the Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) app. This Privacy Policy outlines how we handle information in connection with the IMP app.

1. Information We Collect:

a. Personal Information: The IMP app does not collect personal information from users directly. However, it integrates with the agency’s Identity Provider (IDP) to access the user’s name and badge number solely for identification purposes.

b. Data Collection During Use: Police officers may collect information from individuals they interact with while using the app for law enforcement purposes.

c. Location Information: The app accesses Google location services to facilitate automatic filling of location data in forms within the app.

2. How We Use Your Information:

a. Limited Usage: Personal information obtained from the IDP is used solely for user identification within the app.

b. User Identification: The app pulls the user’s name and badge number from the IDP for identification purposes only.

c. Location Data Usage: Google location data is used to assist officers in automatically filling out their location in forms within the app.

3. Data Sharing and Disclosure:

a. No External Sharing: DMI does not share user data with any third parties.

b. Data Retention: DMI does not retain any user data. All data is stored on premises with the law enforcement client, and DMI does not have access to it.

c. Client Control: Data handling is managed internally by our law enforcement clients who use the app.

4. Data Security:

a. Encryption: Data transmitted through the app is encrypted in transit and at rest, using the latest encryption standards. Additionally, DMI employs its patented Braidmark security to prevent data alteration.

b. Immediate Alerts: Security breaches or unauthorized access incidents trigger immediate alerts to DMI and our law enforcement clients.

5. User Rights and Controls:

a. Client Handling: User data management, including access, review, update, and deletion, is handled by our law enforcement clients.

b. Client Oversight: All user data goes through the client’s IDP, and user controls are managed by the client.

c. No Limitations: There are no limitations on users’ rights to access or modify their data.

6. Compliance and Legal Obligations:

a. Regulatory Compliance: The app is compliant with all relevant data protection regulations.

b. Industry Standards: DMI adheres to SOC 2 and ISO27001:2022 standards for data security.

c. Client Data Handling: All user data is internally managed by law enforcement clients.

7. Policy Updates and Notifications:

a. Communication: Policy updates are communicated via email and updated on our privacy policy page.

b. Client Communication: Significant changes are communicated internally through our law enforcement agency clients.

c. Public Disclosure: Our privacy policy is publicly available on our website.

This Privacy Policy reflects our commitment to transparency and the protection of user privacy within the Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) app. For any inquiries or concerns regarding data privacy, please contact us at