eNotes Solution

Designed for Police, EMS, Fire,

By-Law Enforcement &

Other Public Safety Agencies


Intelligent Mobile Patrol®

Modern Solution to an antiquated Process

For decades, law enforcement and other public safety agencies have been recording their administrative duties, evidence, case notes and calls for service on paper notebooks.  As a result, there are delays in investigations, human errors and inefficiencies.  Today at Digital Mobility Inc., (a Canadian software company) we are proudly providing our eNotes solution for police and other agencies to replace this archaic paper process.

Intelligent Mobile Patrol® (IMP), is more than simply taking eNotes during a shift.  IMP was designed by officers for officers as a complete cross platform solution that is integrated with CAD & RMS, with further integration options with any other systems.

We understand Electronic notes for Police

Developed by officers and for officers, IMP eNotes is a turnkey solution to help law enforcement officers and other public safety personnel with all of their duties. The software was conceived and designed by a group of both active and retired Canadian law enforcement officers.

Using IMP, the cumbersome procedure of note-taking is transformed from the clunky and error-prone process to a smooth and secure workflow.

Furthermore, thanks to cutting-edge technology, evidential integrity is maintained from the moment of a violation to the presentation of evidence at trial.



> Cross-platform
> Off-line capable
> On-Premise hosting

Prosecution Support

> Patent pending security
> Authentication of eNotes
> Full end-to-end encryption


> Import CAD call details
> Push to RMS from anywhere
> Eliminate duplicate entries

Central Database

> Immediate access to eNotes
> Search DB from anywhere
> Leverage power of data

Admin Portal

> Review & export eNotes
> Compile investigative notes
> Immediate access to data


> Integrate with CAD/RMS/DEMS
> Integrate with court & BI tools
> Integrate with any system

Intelligent Mobile Patrol®

eNotes / eTickets / Inspection Reports

Solutions for industries & Ministries


Engineered & maintained in Canada

Cryptographically enhanced eNotes and investigation software tool that runs on mobile phones and desktop computers.


Integrity & Transparency

Maintaining integrity & transparency of notes is our highest priority. Data gathered by officers is encrypted from start until delivery to court with the latest security.


Patent Pending Security

Multi layered advanced security technology BRAIDMARK® allows the application to preserve its tough structure, while being flexible enough to adapt to all agencies.



Fully native application for Android, Windows & iOS.  With seamless cross-platform capability.  Allowing users to start eNotes on a mobile device & finish on a PC.



BRAIDMARK® Is A Patent Pending Digital Technology & Multi-Layered Design Element. Intended To Protect Documents Presented Digitally & On Paper.

Thanks to the patent pending process, eNotes can be immediately authenticated in court.

Why eNotes?

  • Low-Cost, High Value
  • Eliminate Warehouse 
  • Eliminate Duplications
  • Eliminate Transposition Errors
  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Reduce Carbon Emission
  • Avoid Loss Of Data
  • Raise Community Safety
  • Speed Up Workflow
  • Unify Information
  • Create Cohesive Investigation Process
  • Immediate Access To Intelligence

It’s critical to take into account the financial benefits for agencies when switching to eNotes, as well as the improved workflow’s security and efficiency, and the quick access to intelligence.


Minimum Annual Savings for Agencies After Adopting eNotes



100 Officers
500 Officers
1000 Officers
2000 Officers
5000 Officers

With the positive financial and environmental impact, the IMP eNotes solution will pay for itself within the first few months.

The above figures are based on average savings, basic minimum of 30 minutes per officer per shift, with the likelihood of much more as one begins to use all functionalities garnering greater savings. Calculated at an average of 165 shifts per year, based on average salary (benefits in, at less than 8 years service and excluding premium pay).